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'IF' is a rap video that was filmed in two main locations.Prospect Park/Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn,New York and Soho,Lower Manhattan,NYC.The director is Pacino Bing,a young and very talented director who prefers the old school approach to rap videos,focusing predominantly on the artist as opposed to more external elements.He is doing some great work in the field of documentaries and video in general.The producer of the track is John 'Quixotic' Gundersen,another blossoming talent amongst the many producers in NYC who will soon be making big strides in the entertainment industry.The video creation was great fun especially when I worked with some of my really good friends in Soho whom I refer to as the Soho Icons.These are folks,mainly vendors who have helped shape the character of the area for many years.So there you go,I hope you enjoy my video as much I did creating it. In a departure from my previous video 'IF',producer/director Quixotic went for a decidedly more,to use his words,grungy,grimey concept.This was undoubtedly on point as the song generally portrays a sense of struggle and deep desire to overcome and ultimately triumph.Quixotic's prime obsession,like his predecessor Pacino,is with evoking the most visceral performance from the artiste while relying on minimal external props.Put another way,the artist must tell the story by performance,not props.This was a two-day shoot.One day in the Floral Park area in Queens and the second day throughout Brooklyn,both in New York.Being rendered in black and white certainly enhances the concept while,hopefully making it poignant enough to inspire and evoke a winner's mentality driven but the infectious hook 'SAY WHAT YOU WANNA,HATE HOW YOU WANNA,I'M A STILL GET MINE.I JUST WON'T BE DENIED.' Reckoneyes is one of the latest clothing lines to hit the New York market.It shows tremendous promise and room for growth so I was blown away when Barbadian CEO Stephen Burrowes offered me the opportunity to be a part of this growth process,by not just writing but also performing what is now the official soundtrack for the Reckoneyes brand.Promotion is just about gearing up and this video represents just one of what will be a series of promotional efforts aimed at getting Reckoneyes to the top of the fashion food chain.To learn more go to www.reckoneyes.com and reckoneyes,reckoneyes,reckoneyes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNTostuTvVc Example:


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The Worderer is a talented deliverer of rhymes and lyrics like no other.He is hyper prolific and his thought-provoking content keeps the listener locked in to his unique Barbadian flow.

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The Worderer has been a part of a number of commercial promotions and has delivered lyrics and talent to support them.

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